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In this concept, 02 nos open-well submersible pumps will be provided and supply line of the pumps will be connected to a Main Header Pipes from which Twelve different supply line will be connected. Each supply line has a Electro Mechanical Relay Unit and Solenoid Timer Controlled Valve fitted. The Twelve different effects one by one will be supplied with the water through the Valves with a gap of sometime for each effect to repeat, tuning according to the music loaded/supplied to the set.The total number of under-water led color changing lights are 55 with required nozzles will be fitted creating the following Twelve different effects.

There would be totally 55 nos. under water color changing led lights fitted for illuminating the fountain effect. The same will be achieved by installing red, blue, green, yellow colors of leds. And these 4 colors will give various colors effects and visualize in changing patterns. For suitable operation of the complete Electro Mechanical Fountain Kit, we provide Electrical control Panel with starters and main switch for the pump sets, a sequence control relay for the changing of color effects of lights and a RCCB or ELCB for the safety of the entire system.

In the complete surrounding area latest music will be played through 5.1 DVD player which will be synchronized with the Fountain water discharge system and sound system and lighting system along with the required speakers and set of 10 DVDs’. The music offered will be programmed according to the fountain effects so as to blend with the total sound, lighting and fountain systems. The entire electrical cable wiring and pipelines plumbing work inside the fountain pool will be done by us for the lights and pump sets up to the Musical Fountain Panel kit.

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All the six channels can be operated using the IR remote (TV remote) On/Off.


Most suitable mode for musical fountain, as per the programmed effects the fountain dances (solenoid relays switch on/off ).


You can use any CD or DVD for music according to get frequency of the music the relays switches.

The controller will have relay switching outputs for operating VALVES and lights. You need to connect the lights and VALVES to this control panel. We have many models as per your requirement of settings.

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This is the unit to install at every fountain or water cascade area in every public gathering area or children play grounds or children park area. This unit runs automatically with every clap sounds either to get on or off.

This is the pre-programmed unit which work with sensors and can operate eco-friendly by the children in the parks, gardens, play grounds, hostels, hospitals, residential complexes, colonies, clubs, etc.

The operation of this unit encourages the children mentally and give physical relaxation.

Performance and Quality run together to entertain all ages of children. Not only children, but also Youngsters, adults, families, old-age people. In one word to say, all class of people will enjoy this usage.

This unit can be used for fountains, waterfalls, sheetfalls, cascades, personal gardens, parks, hostels, re-habilitation centres, hospitals, etc…

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