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You want an Aquatic Center, but where do you begin?

We assume that you have formed a rough idea already. After that, most clients start with a "Feasibility Study" or a "Needs Assessment" or a "Master Plan". These are related terms that have different connotations and suit different situations, but one of these is usually the first step toward coalescing your idea. It will identify your options, establish your service area or market, determine the size and number of elements, forecast revenues and expenses and capital costs, and provide you with a graphical image that is close to the future reality. The costs for the planning usually range between Rs.XXXX to Rs. XXXXX for a formalized effort.

How much land do you need?

A commercial waterpark will usually need between 10 and 40 acres. Parking can be 1/3 of this. A large indoor institutional pool complex needs 6 to 10 (or more) acres.

A Family Aquatic Center can be on as little as 2 to 3 acres plus parking but usually works more easily on 4 to 6 acres plus parking. It is a design bias of our team to incorporate "park-like" landscapes within the pool site, so space helps.

How much does design cost?

For basic services (covering all phases in accordance with one of the standard contract forms) the fee for design services will generally fall in the range of 6% to 8% of construction cost, less on larger projects.

The actual negotiated fees are usually a lump sum amount and cover various phases of the work from initial planning, to design, to helping you manage the construction process.

How long does it take to build a water park?

Depending on its size, type of installations and theming, the construction period of a water park can fluctuate between seven and twelve months.

When and how should I pay the subscription amount?

The ZR Broadband service bill will have to be paid in advance for all the plans as per the billing period. The subscriber will have to pay by the due date mentioned on the bill to avoid late payment charges.

What happens if I do not pay the Service bill by due date?

Please pay on or before the "Due Date" to avoid temporary suspension of your service and / or late payment charges.

How should a swimming pool be filtered in order to have good quality water?

Primarily, it is important that the hydraulic engineering project contemplates adequate filtration rates and recirculation times. Amusement Logic uses a filtration rate of 30 m3/h, in comparison with the 40 m3/h or 50 m3/h that other competing companies use.

A lower filtration rate implies lower consumption of chemical products and guarantees an excellent water quality. This requires a slightly higher initial investment in hydraulic equipment, but it is redeemed with the reduction in yearly chemical treatment costs in less than three years.
Concerning the water recirculation times, these should take into consideration the type of pool (adults’, children’s, slides’ reception, or wave pool). For example, a children’s swimming pool requires much higher recirculation times than the remaining pools, so that the water is always clean.

Are water parks safe?

Since more than a decade ago, water parks have been generalised as a family leisure option: the combination of sun, grass, pools and numerous attractions make them a favourite place to visit, especially for the youngest children.
Unfortunately, on too many occasions fun and safety do not always go hand in hand: taking a dip and extreme descents do not only bring laughter and cooling down, but sometimes scratches, heat-stroke and drowning. Sometimes the problem lies in the bad design of the attractions or a deficiency of the area, and other times those responsible for the recklessness are the users.

The ideal water park

A centre of these characteristics should be well designed and include determined installations. This is what a safe water park is like:

In the enclosed area

There is a detailed plan at the entrance to the park, as well as a list of rules of operation, prohibitions and limitations.

There are sufficient shaded areas.
There are sufficient drinking water points that are accessible and clearly sign-posted.
There is medical attention within the park.
There are safety exits that allow for the correct evacuation of the public. There are also emergency accesses (for ambulances for example).
The electrical installations are closed and insulated.
Comfortable changing rooms and guarantees of hygiene.
Sufficient showers, before accessing the attractions, spread throughout the park.
It has non-slip paving, especially around the pool basin areas.
The team of lifesavers is sufficient: they should be located at the beginning and at the end of the attractions and at intermediary points if the installations are very long. They accomplish their function efficiently with crossed vigilance in the swimming pools, etc.
Independent kid’s pool with a maximum depth of 0,6 m.
Informative detailed signs where the warnings, prohibitions and limitations (of age, height, etc.) are clearly expressed in a graphic manner (with symbols, icons, in several languages, etc.)

On the attractions

The joints and surfaces of the attractions are smooth and do not scratch nor rasp.
They have handrails in all the areas where there is risk of falling.
There are starting crossbars or handles on the attractions.
The designs are safe: gently sloped final sections on the slides: slopes on the curves, tracks with undulations to regulate speed …

For your safety

Carefully read the instructions and indications and respect the prohibitions: they are there for a reason.

Don’t lose sight of the smallest children. Don’t be overconfident, just because they are wearing floats: they should never be a substitute for adult supervision.

If an accident occurs, alert the lifesavers as soon as possible so that they take charge of the situation.

Ensure that the accident remains registered in the incidents form of the day: in this way, inspections will be made aware of the accident and measures can be taken to provide a solution.

If you have a claim to make, contact the Health and Consumer Services of your Region. Keep the entry ticket to the park (with the date, etc.): this is your document of proof.

It’s not just us saying this. This source of information is from the Organisation of Users and Consumers
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Is it necessary to carry out maintenance for the park during the winter time?

The swimming pool always requires maintenance, however in the winter, this maintenance is more spread out, the water lasting for two to three years in this way, and the only worry being about the level of water lost by evaporation.

What should be first taken into consideration when building a water park?

Whether economic profitability is being sought (in the case of private investors), or social profitability, (for public projects), every project should be based on a potential market study and on a sizing of the project according to the visitors’ expectations. It is fundamental that the water park is family oriented and that it is duly structured, allowing an adequate visitor per m2 ratio, taking into account such important aspects as safety, variety of experiences, adequate circulation flows etc.
Carrying out a feasibility study in an exhaustive, rigorous and professional way is essential for the success of a water park.

I have a very uneven terrain, can I build a water park?

Without a doubt. In fact an uneven terrain is more favourable than a completely flat one. On the one hand, the natural slopes can be taken advantage of to install slides on, which reduces the need for metallic support structures for the same (and consequently the investment costs are reduced).
On the other hand, an uneven terrain will help with the landscape integration of the complex and to reduce up to a point, its environmental impact.

What is the most important area of a water park to consider in the development of a project?

In our experience and that of the management of the main existing water parks, the children’s area is the most important, over and above any other.

What are the best practices to be adopted by a user while accessing ZR Secured Broadband service?
  • User to ensure that the laptop wireless button is switched ON, incase connecting through @ll Home Secured Wi-Fi Solution
  • Remove proxy settings
  • Change password regularly
  • Do not share your login password with anyone including authorised Tikona representative
  • Logout when you are not expected to use the service for an extended duration
  • If you suspect misuse on your User ID please change your password immediately, and inform us.
Do you provide any online portal to manage my account?

Yes, you can manage your account online through our website (Visit www.zrnetwork.in >> Click on My Account >> Enter User ID and Password)

What are the things I can do from my Online Self Care portal?

Online Self Care portal provides facilities, such as:

Subscriber Profile

— Personal Information: Provides the user subscription details such as User ID, address etc
— Service Information: Enables you to view plan details along with any Value Added Service subscribed
— Change Password: Enables you to change password

My Tools

— Session History: Check your session history anytime
— MAC Addresses: Gives information about the MAC IDs registered against your user account & accordingly remove it

Billing and Payments

— Invoice Summary: Shows historical invoice summary. You can also see the last six bills details
— Payment List: Shows historical payment details

Service Request

— View request: Track the status of request/complaints registered with ZR Care

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